Q. What is EYA?
A. Jointly organised by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises and the Rotary Club of Singapore, EYA is the oldest and one of the most recognised business accolades in Singapore that honours local Entrepreneurs who have established and sustained a successful and profitable business on a national platform.
Q. How long has the Award been established?
A. The Award was inaugurated in 1989 and is now in its 31th year.
Q. What are the benefits of participating in EYA?
A. EYA heightens awareness and boosts the image of Entrepreneurs, their company and brand, as well as their products and services. Participating in EYA also adds credibility to the company, creating more credibility for Entrepreneurs when dealing with partners and clients, domestically and abroad.

In addition, EYA serves as an important recognition and validation of employees’ efforts, thereby boosting employee morale and affirming employees’ commitment to the company. This translate into better talent recruitment and retention for the company.
Q. How is the EYA different from other business Award in the industry?
A. It is not just another Award. It is a learning journey where participating Entrepreneurs have a stock take of their achievements, get valuable insights from the panel of Judges and share entrepreneurial experience with other participants & past Winners of EYA.
Q Who can participate in EYA?

The Award is open to all local Entrepreneurs who meet the Award’s Qualifying Criteria. Nomination by third party is not compulsory for participation in the Award.
Q. Can a past participant/Award Winner take part in EYA more than once?
A. Definitely. We encourage all Entrepreneurs to take part every year as long as they fulfil the Qualifying Criteria.
Q. What is the difference between the New Entrepreneur category and Established Entrepreneur category?
A. The New Entrepreneur category recognises budding Entrepreneurs who demonstrate keen business acumen and extensive resourcefulness in adopting innovation to differentiate the business in the market.

On the other hand, the Established Entrepreneur category recognises veteran Entrepreneurs who demonstrate continuous tenacity and determination in keeping up with times to remain relevant and maintain a stronghold in the market.
Q. Will there be a registration fee imposed upon entry submission?
A. There is no registration fee required to participate in this Award. However, if the Entrepreneur is selected as a Winners, he/she will be required to take up an Award Package upon notification of their win.
Q. When is the submission deadline?
A. The submission deadline is 14 June 2019, Friday. More details of the submission can be found under the Entry Requirements section.
Q. Can candidates participate if their company’s Audited Financial Statements are not available?
A. Yes, however, we require the Entrepreneur to provide the Award Secretariat with the reason(s) for not being able to submit the Audited Financial Statements, together with the company’s most recent Management Accounts.
Q. Will the submitted materials be kept confidential?
A. Access to submitted materials is kept strictly to the Award Secretariat, Award Organising Committee and the judging panel. They are used solely for judging and reference purposes and will be kept confidential.
Q. Is there a pre-determined number of Winners each year?
A. No. The number of Winners selected is dependent on the overall quality of candidates each year.
Q. Are there Sub-Category Awards under the Established and New Entrepreneur category?
A. Yes. Under each category, there are different Sub-Category Awards. More information can be found under the Award Structure section.
Q. Who are the judges in the Final Judging Panel?
A. The Award Judging Panel will comprise of distinguished businessmen, academicians and other highly regarded individuals.


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