Judging Criteria
1. Vision & Mission
Explain the rationale and purpose of the vision & mission statements. Is it in line with the corporate objectives?
How do you achieve your company’s vision & mission?
How do you communicate and evaluate your employee’s understanding of your company’s vision & mission?
What strategies do you employ to motivate your employees to share your company’s vision & mission?
What strategies do you employ to motivate your customers to share your company’s vision & mission?
2. Business Operations & Financials
  ‒ Please describe the operational flow of the business.
  ‒ Please describe the operational flow of the:
  i. Examples of operational risks and how risks are managed?
  ii. Details of how the company complies with regulations?
  iii. Documentation of the Operations.
  iv. Intellectual Property & Rights.
  ‒ How has the organisation performed financially in the past 3 years (2015 – 2017)?
  ‒ Please indicate reasons/factors that have affected your company’s performance.
  ‒ What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?
  ‒ How does the company plan to raise capital for future growth?
  ‒ Please provide the Company’s financial forecast for the next 3 years (2018 – 2020).
3. Business Growth & Sustainability
State and elaborate the positioning of the company in the industry. (E.g. Consumers profile, product(s), price point and etc)
What was the company’s market share over the past 3 years? What are the strategies for increasing the company’s local and/or international market share?
How does the company ensure business sustainability in the long term?
What are the Company’s plans for expansion locally & internationally?
Future plans of the company. (E.g. Possibility of listing/joint venture/potential investor)
4. Resourcefulness
Describe how you HAVE BEEN able to utilise tangible and/or intangible resources to enhance your business further. (E.g. Stakeholders’ expertise, understanding of business environment, equipment, machinery, technology and etc)
How do you leverage on these resources to scale your business forward?
Have you taken up a government supported initiative on grants to develop your enterprise?
5. Innovation and Technology
Describe how your company has leveraged on innovation & technologies, products, services to differentiate your business model, and/or to improve your company’s productivity and performance.
Explain how the adaptation of technological products or services has charted new markets, disrupted existing players and differentiate your business from your competitors.
Explain how your company has integrated innovative measures or technology in your business, and illustrate the positive and significant impact.
Describe how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) implemented have brought your business to new heights and complemented your business processes.
Do you have a business transformation plan to scale higher productivity through digital and/or technological solutions. (E.g. To ensure that adoption of digital solutions continue to cater to special needs of existing client base. This should be a move to enhance rather than to ignore the needs of customer)
6. Branding and Communication
  ‒ Describe how your company’s brand is being manifested through A&P activities, marketing
   collaterals and website.
  ‒ What are some of your Company’s brand initiatives and strategies? How do you evaluate and
   measure the success of them?
  ‒ Is this company a winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA)?
  ‒ Elaborate on the internal and external communication channels and initiatives implemented by
   your company.
7. Human Capital and Productivity
How does your organisation attract, identify and retain talents?
What are some of your main HR challenges and how do you resolve them?
Are there succession plans in place for your organisation?
What are the employee engagement initiatives in place to ensure employee cohesiveness and productivity?
How does the company contribute to your employees’ career and skills development?
Please provide any HR collaterals if you have any. (E.g. Employee handbook, Code of conduct etc)
8. Social Responsibility and Ethics
What are some Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that you have initiated?
Elaborate on the initiatives employed by your company that has brought about positive contribution to the society and community. (E.g. Employee involvement in community activities, adoption of charities etc)
How do you motivate your employees to participate actively and contribute meaningfully to these CSR activities?
How does your company ensure fair and ethical business practices with its stakeholders? (E.g. Suppliers, Customers, Business Partners etc)
9. Service Excellence
What is the company’s promise to your customers and how is it being fulfilled?
What are some of the positive customer service practices and policies that differentiates you from your industry peers? How do you measure its effectiveness?
Operationally, how does your front and back end office support in delivering excellent services to your customers?
What are the measures/systems in place for obtaining customer feedback to evaluate company--customer relationship?
How do you ensure that service excellence is not compromised when there is employee turnover?
What strategies do you employ to retain your customers and promote customer loyalty?
10. Entrepreneurial Journey
What were you doing before you started your business?
What was your initial ambition?
What sparked your interest in a business in this industry?
Describe the difficulties faced when establishing and developing an enterprise. As a leader of your company, how did you overcome these trials and tribulations?
What were some of the entrepreneurial qualities that were vital in these tough times?
What were some of the biggest breakthrough and achievements you face as an Entrepreneur?
When running your business, who were some of your role models (E.g. be they business leaders from other industries or fellow businessmen from the same sector) and why?
What were some important lessons which you have learned over the years as an Entrepreneur?




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