Judging Criteria
The Entrepreneur will be judged by the Award Judging Committee based on the Judging Criteria below.
1. Vision & Mission
Explain the rationale and purpose of the vision statement. Is it in line with the corporate objectives of your business in terms of satisfying the customers’ needs?
How do you achieve your vision?
How do you communicate and evaluate your employees’ understanding of this vision?
2. Business Management, Growth and Sustainability
Evaluate and elaborate on your company’s business structure, capabilities & performance, based on the following:
  e.g. operation control and risk management, administration, compliance practices, IP, protection systems.
  e.g. return on equity (ROE), cash flow and profit after tax, contribution margins, productivity ratios.
Strategic Growth and Sustainability
i. What are the strategies deployed for domestic and/or international market share?
ii. How do you ensure sustainability through market cycles and shocks?
i. Describe how your company has been able to call upon and/or utilise resources, both soft (intangible resources: e.g. network, knowledge and understanding on your market, competitors, consumers) and hard (physical resources: e.g. grants, supplies, equipment, etc.), to achieve success or to bring your company to the next level.
ii. How do you leverage on these resources to generate positive outcome and scale your business forward?
3. Innovation and Technology
Describe how your company has leveraged on innovative technologies, products, services to differentiate your business model, and/or improve your company’s productivity or profitability.
Explain how your technological products or services has charted new market, disrupted existing players and differentiate your business from your competitors.
Explain how your company has integrated innovative measures or technology in your business, and illustrate the positive and significant impact.
Describe how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) implemented have brought your business to new heights and complemented your business processes.
4. Branding and Communication
  Explain how do you use the following to ensure and/or strengthen your foothold in the industry and remain competitive:
  What are some of your company’s brand initiatives and strategies and how are they evaluated?
  Elaborate on the internal and external communication channels and initiatives implemented.
5. Social Responsibility and Ethics
Is your company currently adopting any Social Responsibility initiatives? If so, please elaborate on your company’s Social Responsibility initiatives.
If your company has not employed any of these initiatives, please share your future plans and thoughts on incorporating Social Responsibility in your business and instilling these values amongst your employees.
Elaborate on how your company has taken steps to ensure fair and ethical business practices with your stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, customers etc.) and how ethical business practices are emphasised internally in your business.
6. Entrepreneurial Journey
Describe the difficulties faced when establishing and developing an enterprise. As a leader of your company, how did you overcome these trials and tribulations?
Elaborate on what were the most crucial aspects of entrepreneurship that helped you tide over the crises your business had to tackle?
  i. What were some of the entrepreneurial qualities that were vital in these tough times?
What are the awards received by your company since its inception?
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