Managing Director & Executive Director
Direct Funeral Services
Overall Winners of New Entrepreneur Category, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016
“Clinching the title as Overall Winner of the New Entrepreneur Category is an affirmation for our efforts in transforming the funeral industry. In the past, others used to call my fellow peers undertakers and many people would shun this line of work. Today we are very proud to be known as Funeral Directors and we believe that we are part of a noble profession; We stand by the families in their saddest of times, to bring dignity to their loved ones’ last moments and to be the gatekeepers of tradition. Winning the EYA will allow us to lead our industry to increase service standards and breathe new life into our trade. Most importantly, we are very glad to be a brand that our team is proud of, and a brand that is fondly remembered and called upon by our customers.”
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