Award Structure

EYA Award Structure

Awarded to the most distinguished and deserving participant by the Award Judging Panel. The Overall Winner is an Entrepreneur who has excelled and surpassed his/her peers in all aspects of the Judging Criteria.

EYA for Business Resilience
Awarded to Entrepreneurs who have presented strong resilience and adaptability to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EYA for Business Strategy
Awarded to Entrepreneurs who have presented strategic plans to enhance competitiveness and ensure sustainability in the current business landscape.

EYA for Innovation & Technology
Awarded to Entrepreneurs who have effectively leveraged innovative measures and/or technology to improve productivity and profitability in their respective businesses.

EYA for Social Contribution [Title Sponsor – Rotary Club of Singapore]
Awarded to Entrepreneurs who have fostered corporate social responsibility programmes, who have adopted greener environmental policies, and who have encouraged employee participation in community service.


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