Winner's Testimonials

Group Managing Director
Ademco Security Group Pte Ltd
Overall Winner of Established Entrepreneur Category, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017

“Being named the Overall Winner of the Established Entrepreneur Category is a validation of our great effort and team spirit across seven countries. Not only is the Award dedicated to the Ademco team, the Award is also shared with the many of our loyal customers and partners who have believed in us and supported us through the years.

The Award Journey through the EYA judging process was very useful in helping us review our business strategy and reassess ourselves. I believe the EYA Award will help us become even more progressive in the future.

I hope that by sharing my Entrepreneurial journey, it will inspire other aspiring Entrepreneurs in Singapore to press ahead in their journey of enterprise. I encourage all Entrepreneurs to participate in the EYA. The EYA Award Journey will serve to improve your company and increase the visibility of your brand and most importantly, keep the Singapore Entrepreneurial spirit flying high."

Leacov Singapore Pte Ltd
Overall Winner of New Entrepreneur Category, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017

“I am truly grateful to be given this honour of being named Overall Winner of the New Entrepreneur Category.

Winning the EYA has reinforced my beliefs that we have done the right things in the past, and it will spur on my team and I as we move forward to reach greater heights. With the EYA, my valued customers will be assured that they have made the right decision in choosing Leacov. It will give our prospective customers the confidence when they think about procuring a service with us.

Participating in this Award has allowed me to elevate my business and myself to a platform of bigger opportunities. Through the EYA, I have met many established and emerging Entrepreneurs. The interactions which I have had has also given me the motivation to work hard and dream bigger.”

Managing Director
Old Street Bak Kut Teh
Pte Ltd
Overall Winner of New Entrepreneur Category, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017

“I am very excited to be the Overall Winner of the New Entrepreneur Category. This is a great endorsement of our brand and our efforts as we move towards globalisation.

Winning the EYA is also a morale booster and an affirmation of my team putting in their sweat and tears to achieve our goal. This Award is a mark of excellence, allowing us to be ahead of our competitors.

This is but a new beginning of a new chapter that will guide us towards a higher level of Entrepreneurship and brand synergy.

I would like to advice all future Entrepreneurs to be daring, innovative and remain persistent in their objectives, so that their dreams will come sooner than expected.”

Executive Chairman
Expand Construction
Pte Ltd
Overall Winner of Established Entrepreneur Category, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016

“It is my great honour to be conferred the Overall Winner for the Established Entrepreneur Category. Winning the EYA for Innovation & Technology further recognises the hard work and efforts of our team to continuously enhance our capabilities as a world class builder. I strongly believe the EYA marks a significant milestone in my Entrepreneurial journey, and it is a great motivation to drive my team to reach greater heights.

More than being a good platform for Entrepreneurs to showcase their talent, the EYA also connects Entrepreneurs to a wider network of business contacts and open doors for more business opportunities. My team and I have certainly benefitted greatly from participating in the EYA.

I highly encourage all Entrepreneurs to dare to dream big and keep their Entrepreneurial passion burning.”

Managing Director & Executive Director
Direct Funeral Services
Overall Winners of New Entrepreneur Category, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016

“Clinching the title as Overall Winner of the New Entrepreneur Category is an affirmation for our efforts in transforming the funeral industry. In the past, others used to call my fellow peers undertakers and many people would shun this line of work. Today we are very proud to be known as Funeral Directors and we believe that we are part of a noble profession; We stand by the families in their saddest of times, to bring dignity to their loved ones’ last moments and to be the gatekeepers of tradition.

Winning the EYA will allow us to lead our industry to increase service standards and breathe new life into our trade. Most importantly, we are very glad to be a brand that our team is proud of, and a brand that is fondly remembered and called upon by our customers.”

Co-Founder & Executive Director
GD Group
Overall Winner of New Entrepreneur Category, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016

“Winning the EYA definitely lends more credibility to me and the company. This is especially important in cases where we are looking to work with new partners or in trying to convince people of a new venture or business idea.

My advice to future participants to EYA: Be authentic and sincere. If you know your business well and are hands-on, it will show in the judging process. Do not be afraid to try for the Award. I think many people often hold back from applying because of self-doubt. My philosophy has always been that you never know till you try. Even if you do not win anything, you would have learnt about what else you need to work on to improve. See it as a learning journey and process.”

Chairman & CEO
Gates PCM Construction Ltd
Established Entrepreneur Overall Winner, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015

“Winning the EYA is a milestone achievement for both myself and the company. We have received great recognition within the entrepreneurial community especially in our niche market of Railway Engineering. Many new opportunities have arisen and we have been receiving increasing support for our future ventures. At the same time, the Award has given me a great sense of responsibility to strive further and achieve greater feats, to live up to the standards of an exemplary entrepreneur.

I believe that the EYA rewards those who have given their best and shown their utmost passion and drive in their business. I hope to see many more entrepreneurs such as myself being rewarded for all their hard work and determination.”

Co-Founders & Directors
Sunseap Group Pte Ltd
New Entrepreneur Overall Winners, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015

“It is fantastic to have built Sunseap Group and received recognition as both the Overall Winners of the New Entrepreneur as well as the Chivas Regal Venture Award Category. The EYA is highly coveted across industries and we are privileged to join the impressive list of outstanding Entrepreneurs. The Chivas Regal Venture Award will allow us to compete in an international setting, which is extremely exciting and yet humbling.

The awards energises and motivates us to continue to grow our business, people and promote clean energy as a viable source of energy. It also further enhances Sunseap’s visibility in the industry and instills confidence in our clientele and partners. We hope that our achievement will inspire enterprises to step up in their efforts to contribute to a more sustainable environment.”

Pezzo Singapore Pte Ltd
New Entrepreneur Overall Winners, The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015

“Winning the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015 – New Entrepreneur category is a great validation of the direction and effort that we put into growing PEZZO. The win also further motivates and gives confidence to the team and our regional partners, as they continue to strive and bring PEZZO to the region, for all to have access to our great pizzas.

Going through the rigorous judging process also made us relook and refine our business, as we gear up for the next lap. We hope that we have inspired others in our industry to know that a home grown F&B brand is able to achieve success and grow shoulder-to-shoulder with international brands.”

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