Messages from the Co-Organisers

Mr Wee Chorng Kien, Kurt
Association of Small & Medium Enterprises

Coming out of the storm that is the US-China trade war, entrepreneurs are emerging onto the market scene with renewed vigour to take on the upcoming decade. Stepping into 2020, businesses can strengthen themselves and be more resilient by focusing on business sustainability. Whilst striving for breakthroughs, it is imperative that entrepreneurs take time to contemplate their business models and processes. In doing so, strategic plans can be made to bring the business to greater heights.

The Award welcomes those who have what it takes to showcase their capabilities and challenge themselves. Come and join the EYA and be recognised for your efforts!

Mr Deepak Nagrini
Rotary Club of Singapore

The EYA has been one of the core initiatives of the Rotary Club of Singapore since 1989.The Award encapsulates our recognition of entrepreneurs who embrace corporate social responsibility just as much as business development and growth. Rotarians believe that business leaders play a significant role in driving positive social impact. We are honoured to acknowledge these successful individuals as they realise their dreams while making the world a better place

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