Messages from the Co-Organisers

Mr Wee Chorng Kien, Kurt
Association of Small & Medium Enterprises

Amidst the prevailing challenging business landscape marked by global uncertainties and the rise of protectionist policies, our entrepreneurs have demonstrated remarkable resilience and fortitude. To navigate these complex waters, entrepreneurs must embody key qualities such as creativity, adaptability, strategic thinking, and digital literacy to weather the storm and seize new opportunities. 

The entrepreneurial landscape is defined by an unyielding demand for forward-thinking individuals who can conceive innovative solutions, swiftly pivot their strategies, and adeptly leverage the potential of digital technologies. Creativity distinguishes businesses in a crowded market environment. Adaptability forms the bedrock of survival, enabling entrepreneurs to recalibrate strategies to the ever-shifting tides of the market. Strategic thinking serves as the compass that guides entrepreneurs through uncharted waters, empowering them to anticipate challenges, identify potential growth avenues, and steer their enterprises towards sustainable success. The increasing primacy of digital literacy is vital for entrepreneurs to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and stay agile in the digital era. 

ASME’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) stands as a beacon of recognition for these exceptional entrepreneurial traits, celebrating achievements and qualities that are pivotal to propelling businesses towards greater heights. The prestige associated with the EYA fosters a culture of innovation within Singapore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and serves as a wellspring of inspiration for continued entrepreneurial excellence. Furthermore, the EYA’s recognition and publicity allows for enhanced customer trust, wider customer bases, and an amplified appeal to potential investors and strategic partners. As such, the EYA accelerates the trajectory of business growth, fortifying the foundation of success for these exceptional entrepreneurs.

Dr Chan Siew Luen-Profile
Dr. Chan Siew Luen
Rotary Club of Singapore

Since its inception in 1989, the EYA stands as a foundational endeavour of the Rotary Club of Singapore. The esteemed accolade embodies our appreciation for entrepreneurs who harmonize corporate social responsibility with business expansion and progress. Among Rotarians, there exists a profound belief that business luminaries wield considerable influence in fostering constructive societal change. It is with deep reverence that we extend recognition to these accomplished individuals, who not only fulfil their aspirations but also contribute to the betterment of our global community. 

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